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GCSE Physics Ninja is a great way to learn and revise GCSE Physics using fun guided Question & Answer flashcards and bitesize video tutorials.



How it worksFind out how the Ninja 'Active Revision' Flashcards work for both students and teachers, and the best way to use them to learn and revise GCSE physics.


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Revise Physics GCSE the Smarter Way - How it Works

Olly Wedgwood

Welcome to, a home-study and school support GCSE physics revision course designed to maximise recall, build confidence and boost achievement in science GCSE examinations.

I'm Olly Wedgwood - Cambridge Engineering graduate and GCSE/A-Level physics tutor since 2001.

I believe that if students have the correct teaching, feel they are supported and are willing to put the work in, then they can achieve great success in their studies.

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For many years I have been helping students boost their Physics and Science grades beyond what they thought possible using an 'Active Revision' Question & Answer Flashcard method. This approach is proven to be significantly more effective than traditional revision techniques.

I have now 'packaged' this tutoring system into a guided revision course so that others can also reach their full potential in physics GCSE.

Exam Courses revision courses cover the exams shown below:


  • 'Core' Science A (P1)  Click here for more details

    AQA GCSE Science A (4405) / GCSE Physics (4403)

    Unit P1 ('Core')

    - P1.1 Transfer of heat energy
    - P1.2 Energy and efficiency
    - P1.3 The usefulness of electrical appliances
    - P1.4 Methods we use to generate electricity
    - P1.5 The use of waves for communication and to provide evidence that the universe is expanding

    Click here to visit the P1 course page
    - 72 Active Revision Flashcards
    - 72 Flashcard video tutorials
    - Revision Course Planner (printable download)
    - 'Ask Olly' Tutor Support
  • Additional Science (P2)  Click here for more details

    AQA GCSE Additional Science (4408) / Physics (4403)

    Unit P2

    - P2.1 Forces and their effects
    - P2.2 The kinetic energy of objects speeding up or slowing down
    - P2.3 Currents in electrical circuits
    - P2.4 Using mains electricity safely and the power of electrical appliances
    - P2.5 What happens when radioactive substances decay, and the uses and dangers of their emissions
    - P2.6 Nuclear fission and nuclear fusion

    Click here to visit the P2 course page
    - 113 Active Revision Flashcards
    - 113 Flashcard video tutorials
    - Revision Course Planner (printable download)
    - 'Ask Olly' Tutor Support
  • Further Additional Science (P3) Click here for more details

    AQA GCSE Further Additional Science (4410) / GCSE Physics (4403)

    Unit P3

    - P3.1 Medical applications of physics (x-rays, ultrasound, lenses, the eye)
    - P3.2 Using physics to make things work (moments, centre of mass, hydraulics, circular motion)
    - P3.3 Keeping things moving (the motor effect, transformers)

    Click here to visit the P3 course page
    - 79 Active Revision Flashcards
    - 79 Flashcard video tutorials
    - Revision Course Planner (printable download)
    - 'Ask Olly' Tutor Support


  • Cambridge International GCSE Core (CIE IGCSE) Click here for more details

    Cambridge IGCSE Physics (0625)

    Core 2015 Syllabus

    - 1. General Physics
    - 2. Thermal Physics
    - 3. Properties of waves, including light and sound
    - 4. Electricity and magnetism
    - 5. Atomic Physics
    Click here to visit the CIE IGCSE course page
    - 157 Active Revision Flashcards
    - 157 Video tutorials
    - Revision Course Planner (printable download)
    - 'Ask Olly' tutor support

Cambridge IGCSE Extended Curriculum (Supplementary) coming soon!


Boost Your Recall with a Guided Revision Programme


Each GCSE physics revision course delivers a flexible programme of guided study that is designed to boost recall and understanding.

It can support the student alongside their school studies throughout the year.

Using the printable Progress Planners, the student can follow a structured revision course. A typical three month course requires about 15 minutes of study each day, with one day off per week.


Active GCSE Physics Revision!

Here is what Membership of gives you:


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'Active Revision' Flashcard Booklet
A professionally printed GCSE Physics Ninja Flashcard Revision booklet for your course. These flashcards are the key to boosting your physics knowledge and recall. Each card contains an essential 'bitesize' chunk of your GCSE course with a question on the front and an answer on the back (questions are asked in several different ways).

Log in to and follow a simple 4-step revision process that will help you to complete each flashcard answer page and practice previous questions. These flashcards reflect exactly what is required by your GCSE examination board.



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The Video Tutorial Library.
I have 'bottled' my 13+ years of physics teaching experience into a library of short bitesize video tutorials so you can check your flashcard answers and gain a deeper understanding of the physics. These videos are like your own virtual classroom.



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The GCSE Physics Revision Progress Planners (Printable Download)
Keep track of your revision as you progress through the course with this at-a-glance planner. Stick it up on your wall and tick off the flashcards one by one.  This is a great way to keep your motivation levels high and check that you are on target to finish the course - ideally a couple of weeks before your physics exam. Download your planner from your physics course page.


Ask a Question - Tutor Support
website-membershipStuck on a physics problem? Ask me a question directly by leaving a comment on the relevant flashcard page (please allow a few hours for a reply). This question and answer discussion forum for each course topic provides a valuable learning resource in itself (all comments are moderated).


Ninja Your GCSE Physics!

Please let me know if you have any questions by emailing me or leaving a comment on the FAQs page. You can also register for a FREE online trial of the first 10 flashcards and video tutorials.


Get smarter with your GCSE Physics revision
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8 thoughts on “How It Works

  1. Katie

    Hi olly,
    I’m very impressed by the website and I’ve been working with the flashcards. Just wanted to let you know that I can already feel a difference, like all the information is starting to stick and thank you for that.

    1. Olly Wedgwood Post author

      Really glad that it’s starting to ‘click’ and good on you for keeping going. It’s amazing what you can achieve just by doing a little every day :)
      Thanks again for the feedback and all the best with your studies. It would be great to hear how it goes – do drop us a line!

  2. aarti sood

    hi olly
    i really need help for my daughter, she is going to be in year 10 not too long before her gcse but she doesnt know anything. i am sure the way she is going she is going to fail. so i decided to help her with physics with your help. i hired tutor but they just come for an hour teach her not even bothered to know that how she is doing, so i need your help and giudence, pls tell me how can i help her to pass atleast physics. what kind of membership i need, not only for revision but i need notes on topics so that i read them first and then explain to her. i will wait for your reply. pls do help me.
    aarti sood

    1. Olly Wedgwood Post author

      Dear Aarti,
      Thanks for getting in touch!
      Sorry to hear that your daughter is struggling with her subjects – GCSEs can be quite daunting for many students… However, the GCSE Physics Ninja course should certainly help her with Physics – as long as she is willing to work at it a ‘little and often’. It’s great that you are willing to work with her, and as she is only just about to go into year 10, at least she has a fair amount of time to prepare.
      I have just emailed you with some ideas and suggestions – I look forward to hearing from you!

    1. Olly Wedgwood Post author

      Hi Tabitha,
      I’m working on a similar chemistry GCSE website (, but it won’t be available for a year or two!

  3. Abigail Peel

    I was wondering if you could help me. I have recently broken my wrist and i can’t write. So i was seeing if you could give me any advice and ways how to revise without having to revise.


    1. Olly Wedgwood Post author

      Hi Abigail,
      Thanks for your question. Yikes – that sounds really painful and hard on your revision and exams… The key thing is to keep your revision ‘active’. What I mean by this is to keep trying questions from your textbook, exam papers, or GCSE Physics Ninja flashcards. As it’s obviously not possible for you to write the answers, perhaps you could ask a friend or family member to check your answers as you speak them. I’m guessing that you will have a ‘scribe’ for the exam, so this aural approach will also be good practice for the real thing.
      I hope that helps? I know what it’s like to break a wrist (in my case both several years back) and it certainly makes life challenging!
      Best wishes,


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