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Olly Wedgwood

Olly Wedgwood - physics teacher and founder of

Welcome to the GCSE physics revision courses! These courses are designed to maximise recall, build confidence and boost achievement in physics GCSE exams.

For many years I have been helping students boost their Physics and Science grades beyond what they thought possible using an 'Active Revision' Question & Answer Flashcard method. This approach is proven to be significantly more effective than traditional learning and revision techniques.

Customer Review-
My daughter is really enjoying your physics lessons, they are almost conversational in style at times, and that
works so well with her! As a parent I really do feel you are offering a high quality service...  (S.B.)


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With, students and teachers now have an easy way to use the power of 'retreival practice' to upgrade their physics GCSE learning and teaching, both at school and at home.

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Customer Review-
I have found the flash cards extremely helpful. I really struggled with physics but now I feel more confident and I have seen an improvement in my grades. Both the website and the flash cards are brilliant. Thank you. 


Ninja Exam Courses Available revision courses cover the exam specifications shown below:


'Core' Science A (P1)

AQA GCSE Science A (4405) / GCSE Physics (4403)

Unit P1 ('Core')

- P1.1 Transfer of heat energy
- P1.2 Energy and efficiency
- P1.3 The usefulness of electrical appliances
- P1.4 Methods we use to generate electricity
- P1.5 The use of waves for communication and to provide evidence that the universe is expanding

Click here to visit the P1 course page
- 72 AQA P1 flashcards
- 72 video tutorials
- Revision planners

Additional Science (P2)

AQA GCSE Additional Science (4408) / Physics (4403)

Unit P2

- P2.1 Forces and their effects
- P2.2 The kinetic energy of objects speeding up or slowing down
- P2.3 Currents in electrical circuits
- P2.4 Using mains electricity safely and the power of electrical appliances
- P2.5 What happens when radioactive substances decay, and the uses and dangers of their emissions
- P2.6 Nuclear fission and nuclear fusion

Click here to visit the P2 course page
- 114 AQA P2 flashcards
- 114 video tutorials
- Revision planners

Further Additional Science (P3)

AQA GCSE Further Additional Science (4410) / GCSE Physics (4403)

Unit P3

- P3.1 Medical applications of physics (x-rays, ultrasound, lenses, the eye)
- P3.2 Using physics to make things work (moments, centre of mass, hydraulics, circular motion)
- P3.3 Keeping things moving (the motor effect, transformers)

Click here to visit the P3 course page
- 79 AQA P3 flashcards
- 79 video tutorials
- Revision planners

CIE (Cambridge IGCSE)

Core Syllabus

Cambridge IGCSE Physics (0625)

Core 2016 Syllabus

- 1. General Physics
- 2. Thermal Physics
- 3. Properties of waves, including light and sound
- 4. Electricity and magnetism
- 5. Atomic Physics
Click here to visit the CIE IGCSE course page
- 169 pages (in two workbooks) for the CIE IGCSE Core syllabus
- 169 video tutorials
- Revision planners

Extended Syllabus

Cambridge IGCSE Physics (0625)

Extended 2016 Syllabus

- 1. General Physics
- 2. Thermal Physics
- 3. Properties of waves, including light and sound
- 4. Electricity and magnetism
- 5. Atomic Physics
Click here to visit the CIE IGCSE (Extended) course page
- 127 page flashcards workbook for the CIE IGCSE Extended syllabus
- 127 video tutorials
- Revision planners


Boost Your Recall with a Guided Revision Programme


Each GCSE physics revision course delivers a flexible programme of guided study that is designed to boost recall and understanding.

It can also support the student alongside their school studies throughout the year.

A printable Progress Planner helps students to follow a structured revision course and stay on track to reach their revision goals.


Customer Review-
"Hi Olly, I just wanted to thank you for the NinjaPhysics website that my son used during his GCSE revision as it really boosted his confidence and he has achieved A* in physics. Thank you again - Definitely wouldn't have got the A*
without the website." (Mrs S.)


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