How To Learn GCSE Physics Equations

A lot of students have been asking me how to learn that big list of equations that they need to remember for their GCSE physics exam.

For example, here's an equations list from the AQA board:

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Notice all those symbols quantities and units that you have to get your head around!

So what's the best way to learn equations? Well, you might be able to remember a few just by looking at them but this is a fairly passive way to revise. It's also pretty boring and your brain is going to turn off after a few minutes.

It's much better to learn the equations using an ACTIVE learning method and this is where
question-and-answer flashcards make a massive difference - just like this one:

So here's how to learn your physics GCSE equations in three easy steps:

1. visit and find the equation flashcard by
typing a keyword into the search box.

2. Write the flashcard question onto one side of an index card then watch the
video tutorial to write the answer on the other side.
Remember that the question goes on the front side and the answer goes on the back.

3. Test yourself on your flashcard THREE times on different occasions over a couple of weeks.

Here are a couple of useful tips:

  • Use color, pictures and humour when you write your flashcards and that will really help your memory.
  • Put your flashcards somewhere where you will see them everyday and that will remind you to try a flashcard. They're not going to be any use just stuck in a drawer somewhere
  • Finally, if you answer a flashcard correctly give yourself a tick on the question side. Your aim is to achieve three ticks on a flashcard and that will mean that you've learnt the equation.

I hope you found this post useful - if so, please share it with your friends and subscribe to the GCSEPhysicsNinja YouTube channel for more physics revision tips.

Go well in your physics!

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