“Practice Makes Perfect”… or does it?

Have you heard the saying, "practice makes perfect"?

Practising physics makes perfect?Whether you are practising your piano scales or revising for your GCSE Physics - this saying is absolutely true, except for one thing...

You must practice CORRECTLY, otherwise you will simply learn it all wrong.

So as my old karate teacher used to say:

"PERFECT practice makes perfect!"

GCSEPhysicsNinja flashcards and video tutorials help you to practice perfectly by testing yourself repeatedly so you can learn the correct vocabulary, ideas and calcuations for your exam.

exam-past-paperAnother great way to practice is by trying past paper exam questions. If you check your answers with the exam mark scheme, you'll also gain valuable insights as to how the marks are awarded - now that's a BIG tip!

Unfortunately downloading past papers and mark schemes is a bit tedious, so we've put together an easy-to-use past exam questions library (with answers).

You can search the library for questions on a particular topic for your specific course. So if you want to practice heat transfer questions from unit P1, just dial them up and off you go!

When you have tried a question, pretend that you are the examiner and mark yourself using the mark scheme. The next day, try the question AGAIN and see if you can beat your score! Afterall... "perfect practice makes perfect"!

Check out the past paper exam questions by clicking here.

Hopy you found this resource useful - do feel free to leave a comment below and share your thoughts.

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