Circular Motion – Question 1

The fairground ride called ‘The Rotor’ is a large cylinder which rotates. When the cylinder reaches its maximum speed the floor drops away and the riders inside the cylinder are left against the cylinder wall.


(a) Explain how the cylinder is rotating at a constant speed but at the same time the riders inside the cylinder are accelerating.

6 lines(3 marks)

(b) In which direction do the riders accelerate?

1 line(1 mark)

(c) What name is given to the resultant force that causes the riders to accelerate?

1 line(1 mark)

At the end of the ride the floor goes back into place and the cylinder slows down and stops.

How does the resultant force on the riders change as the cylinder slows down?

2 lines(1 mark)


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From Q5 P3 AQA Specimen Paper (Higher)

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