Electromagnetism – Question 4

a) In this question you will be assessed on using good English, organising information clearly and using specialist terms where appropriate.

There are two types of traditional transformer; step-up and step-down.

Describe the similarities and differences between a step-up transformer and a step-down transformer.

You should include details of:

  • construction, including materials used
  • the effect the transformer has on the input potential difference (p.d.).

You should not draw a diagram.

(6 marks)

dotted-11-answer-lines8 answer lines



b) Figure 4 shows a mobile phone and a charger.


Mobile phone chargers use a different type of transformer, which is smaller and lighter than a traditional transformer.

What name is given to the type of transformer used in a mobile phone charger?

1 line(1 mark)


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From Q3 P3 AQA June 2014 (Higher)

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