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About the AQA Investigative Skills Assignment (CAU)

The AQA Investigative Skills Assignment (ISA) is worth 25% of your GCSE. There are four parts to this Controlled Assessment Unit (CAU):

  1. Develop a hypthesis and research possible methods for carrying out an experiment to test the hypothesis.
  2. Doing the practical, recording results and drawing up a table of results. It's likely that you'll also be asked to plot a graph of your results.
  3. 'Section 1' of the ISA is a 45 minutes test worth 20 marks. You'll be answering questions on your research and writing a method for your experiment including a risk assessment
  4. 'Section 2' of the ISA is a 50 minutes test worth 30 marks. There'll be more questions about your experiment. You'll also have to analyse and compare results data from four case studies.
    In this section, may also be asked about how ideas from your investigation and research could be used  within a new context.
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