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Welcome to the GCSE Physics Ninja AQA P1 (Science A or Physics GCSE) revision course. The following flashcards and video tutorials cover all topics in the AQA Science A (4405) syllabus for last exams in June 2017.

All P1 content is for both Higher AND Foundation candidates.

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P1 AQA ScienceAQA P1 (Science A)

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Heat TransferMethods of Generating Electricity
1. Heat energy travels through space36. Energy sources for power stations
2. Surface colour and texture matters37. Methods of generating electricity
3. States of matter38. Electricity from the sun
4. Particles and energy39. Electricity from volcanic areas
5. Heat energy through a solid40. Advantages and disadvantages of energy resources
6. Heating fluids41. Electricity demand variation
7. Evaporation and particles42. Power station startup time
8. Factors affecting the rate of evaporation43. Small scale electricity generation
9. Condensation and particles44. Energy resources and the environment
10. Factors affecting rate of condensation45. Carbon dioxide
11. Keeping objects cool46. Electricity distribution
12. Keeping objects warm46a. Overhead vs Underground Cables
13. The thermos flask47. Transformers and the national grid
14. Rate of heat transferWaves for Communication
15. Specific heat capacity of materials48. Types of waves
16. Specific heat capacity calculation49. The electromagnetic spectrum
17. Electric storage heaters50. The safety of electromagnetic waves
18. U-values51. Electromagnetic wavelengths
19. Solar panels for heating52. Types of mechanical waves
20. Heat loss from a house53. Longitudinal waves
Energy & Efficiency54. Naming wave parts
21. Nine forms of energy55. Wave behaviours
22. Sankey energy flow diagrams56. Diffraction
23. Energy transfer and forms57. Waves across a boundary
24. Energy types in machines58. Amplitude and wavelength
25. Energy efficiency of an electrical appliance59. Wave speed equation
26. Efficiency equations60. Wavelength calculation
27. Efficiency of a light bulb calculation61. Waves for communication
28. Efficiency of an electric motor calculation62. Receiving radio and TV waves
29. Units of power63. Waves and the body
30. Energy transformed equation64. Ray diagram
31. Energy transformed calculation65. Plane mirror ray diagram
32. Cost of electrical energy calculation66. Properties of an image in a mirror
33. Electricity meter reading calculation67. Sound waves
34. Cost-effectiveness of appliances68. Pitch, loudness and echoes
35. Payback timeRed Shift
69. Moving wave sources
70. Light from galaxies
71. A theory of the universe
72. Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation
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