AQA P2 (Additional Science)

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Welcome to the GCSE Physics Ninja revision course for AQA P2 (Core / 'Additional Science A' or 'Physics GCSE'). The following flashcards and video tutorials cover all topics in the AQA P2 Additional Science (4408) syllabus for last exams in June 2017.

Content for Higher candidates is marked (H). For best results, follow the 4-step Ninja revision process!

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AQA Additional Science

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Force & MotionElectrical Circuits
1. Gradient of a distance-time graph55. Electric charge and current
2. Motion in a distance-time graph56. Flow of charge equation
3. Gradient of a straight line (H)57. Charge flow calculation
4. Speed in a distance time graph (H)58. Potential difference
5. Velocity59. Electrical work done equation
6. Acceleration equation60. Electrical work done calculation
7. Acceleration calculation61. Series circuit diagram
8. Gradient of a velocity-time graph62. Electrical components
9. Acceleration gradient calculation (H)63. Thermistors
10. Distance travelled (H)64. LDR and resistance
11. Distance travelled calculation (H)65. Current through a resistor
12. Three effects of forces66. Current vs. Potential difference graphs
13. Forces are vectors67. Potential difference equation
14. Newton's 1st law68. Resistance calculation
15. Resultant force on a scooter69. Resistance of a filament bulb (H)
16. Resultant force calculations70. Ammeter readings
17. Newton's 2nd law71. Series circuit design
18. Newton's 2nd law calculation72. Series circuits
19. Newton's law force pairs73. Parallel circuits
20. Braking74. Diodes
21. Stopping distance75. The LED
22. Thinking distance76. Lighting costs and efficiencies
23. Braking distanceHousehold Electricity
24. Work done77. Current and direction
25. Braking and work done78. Oscilloscope traces
26. Frictional forces in a fluid79. Oscilloscope calculations (H)
27. Falling object in a fluid80. Mains electricity
28. Skydiver force arrows81. Mains plug diagram
29. Skydiver motion82. Mains plug materials
30. Parachute force and motion83. Electrical faults
31. A mouse and the Empire State building84. Residual Current Circuit Breakers
32. Weight85. Metal cases and the earth wire
33. Weight equation86. Hairdrier earth wire
34. Weight calculation87. Higher currents - thicker cables
35. Springs and work done88. Resistors and energy
36. Spring equation89. Electrical power equation
37. Force-extension graph90. Electrical power and fuse calculation
38. Elastic and plastic deformationAtomic Structure
Energy & Work Done91. Rutherford's gold foil experiment
39. Forces and energy transformations92. Model of an atom
40. Work done equation93. Atoms and charges
41. Energy changes94. Protons and neutrons
42. Ten forms of energyAtoms & Radiation
43. Power equation95. Unstable nuclei and radiation
44. Power calculation96. Types of nuclear radiation
45. Potential energy equation97. Nuclear decay equations (H)
46. Potential energy calculation98. Effect of radiation on matter
47. Kinetic energy equation99. Properties of radiation
48. Kinetic energy calculation100. Radiation through electric and magnetic fields
48a. Max speed of a falling body calculation (H)101. Radiation through electric and magnetic fields
Momentum102. Half life graph
49. Momentum equation103. Smoke detectors
50. Momentum in an explosion or collision104. Paper mills
51. Momentum calculation105. Food and hospital equipment
52. Crumple zones106. Radioactive isotope uses in medicine and industry
Static ElectricityNuclear Fission & Fusion
53. Static electricity in insulators107. Nuclear fission
54. Like and unlike charges108. Nuclear reactors
109. Nuclear fission chain reaction diagram
110. Joining nuclei
111. Star formation
112. Life cycle of a star
113. Star life cycle diagram
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