AQA P3 (Further Additional Science / Physics GCSE)

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Welcome to the GCSE Physics Ninja AQA P3 (Further Additional Science or Physics GCSE) revision course. The following flashcards and video tutorials cover all topics in the AQA Further Additional Science (4410) syllabus (please note that the last exams for this syllabus are in June 2017).

Content for Higher candidates is marked (H). For best results, follow the 4-step ninja revision process.

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Units and QuantitiesMoments
1. Units and quantities43. The turning effect of a force
2. Power of ten notation44. Moment equation
X-Rays45. Moment calculation
3. The nature of X-rays46. A balancing beam
4. X-rays and bone fractures47. The principle of moments calculation (H)
5. Medical uses of x-rays48. Levers
6. X-ray safety49. Why objects can fall over (H)
7. X-rays, ultrasound and CT scan50. Stability of different objects
Ultrasound51. Self-righting toy
8. Range of human hearingPressure
9. Medical uses of sound52. Pressure
10. Ultrasound and medical imaging53. Pressure in liquids
11. Ultrasound muscle layer calculation54. Pressure equation
Light55. Pressure calculation
12. Waves crossing a boundary56. Hydraulic machines
13. Refractive indexCircular Motion
14. Total internal reflection (TIR)57. Moving in a circle
15. Critical angle and refractive index (H)58. Circular motion examples
16. The endoscope59. Direction of centripetal force & acceleration
17. Laser light in medicine60. Whirling a ball on a string
18. The converging (convex) lens61. Properties of magnets
19. Images formed by rays of light62. Magnetic field lines around a wire
20. Converging (convex) lens real image63. Electrical currents
21. Converging (convex) lens images64. Simple electromagnet
22. Diverging lens ray diagram65. Relay
23. Magnification66. Electric bell
24. The camera and magnifying glass67. Force in a magnetic field
25. Lens symbols68. The motor effect
26. Focal length of a lens69. Fleming's left hand rule
27. Refractive index and lens shape (H)70. Coil in a magnetic field
28. Power of a lens71. Electromagnetic induction
29. Power of a lens calculation72. Changing magnetic fields
The Eye73. Transformers
30. The human eye74. Parts of a transformer
31. Eye focusing and light control75. Transformer voltage & turns equation
32. Human range of vision76. Transformer voltage & turns calculation
33. Short sight77. Transformer power equation
34. Long sight78. Transformer power calculation
35. Eye vs camera79. Switch mode transformers
Centre of Mass
36. Centre of mass
37. Finding the centre of mass
38. Symmetric objects centre of mass
39. Simple pendulum time period & frequency
40. Simple pendulum calculation
41. Simple pendulum time period and length
42. Simple pendulum measurements
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