Red Shift – Question 3

(a) A student listens to the sound waves produced by a car siren. When the car is stationary, the student hears a constant frequency sound.

Describe how the wavelength and frequency of the sound waves heard by the student change when the car is driven away from the student. Continue reading

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Red Shift – Question 2

The ‘steady state’ theory was once a popular alternative to the ‘big bang’ theory.

The ‘steady state’ theory suggested that the universe, although expanding, had no origin and it has always existed. As the universe expands, a small amount of matter is created to keep the universe looking exactly the same all of the time.

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Red-Shift – Question 1

The visible part of the electromagnetic spectrum from a star includes a dark line. This line is at a specific wavelength. The diagram shows the position of the dark line in the spectrum from the Sun and in the spectrum from a distant galaxy.

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